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sincerely_vonnie_bioHey y’all!

Welcome to my part of the innanets.

My name is Vonnie, and I’m a first-gen Ghanaian-American (#ghanajollofallday) and I love to eat, write, and talk about food and what it means for me and those like me. I’ve been an avid cook since I was 12 making “cookies” with yogurt and flour (bless my poor brother’s heart who I’m sure I forced to eat those cookies with me), and I got my first official taste of working in food as a PR assistant for a boutique restaurant PR agency a few years ago. However, I started to lose count of the times where I’d be the only person of color at the table. I went out and dined and did all the millennial things, and yet when I looked around at publications, magazines, websites, TV—you name it— I couldn’t find a reflection of myself, or anyone else I knew who was just as interested in talking about our experiences. This spurred my initial foray into changing this lack of representation with my previous site, The Black Forks, and now with Sincerely, Vonnie, where I’ll continue to talk about a lot of topics I’m passionate about—in my own voice, and in the voice of others who may look and sound like me, but don’t always get the airtime.

So, what’s Sincerely, Vonnie all about?


This website was created as a space where we can be unapologetically and sincerely ourselves. A place where we can be happy, sad, angry, free, and, most importantly, us. In a world where we’re told otherwise, it’s nice to come somewhere familiar, like home. And this isn’t just a digital home for me, but for anyone who hears their voice in my words and says “Yassssss!” (insert snapping fingers here).

In a nutshell, Sincerely Vonnie is multi-dimensional, just like we all are, weaving in and out of multiple identities. I’m super passionate about food and how it’s talked about in our culture. I see things differently as a first-gen immigrant who’s lived abroad, grew up in two completely different cultures, who is obsessed with ice cream and jollof rice and German wines and everything art deco and some other really, really random things most people wouldn’t expect.

While I mostly talk a lot about food and food culture from my lens, I’m also very into travel, photography, and pop culture, so expect to see some of my work and musings here as well. I write about topics that are sometimes funny and serious and incredibly complex. I sometimes ask the hard questions that I don’t necessarily have the answers to. But I work to open up the floor for real exploration and introspection as it relates to you, me, and other folks affected by a lack of diversity in thinking, experiences, and culture.

We are on this journey together. Here’s hoping that you’ll find a little piece of yourself in my words, and a lot of laughs in the process!





P.S.–if you’re curious about my recipe and copywriting work with publications and brands (and a little more about my professional life), please click here!