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Why I’m keeping Sincerely Vonnie

May 10, 2019

*cracks knuckles*

*cracks that last one that always refuses the first time*

Whewww chile it’s been a WHILE, hasn’t it?

It feels good to write for myself and an audience of 10 (more or less lol). I miss this part of the internet, where your world feels a bit private, deceivingly so, among all the other blogs in the universe. Makes me miss the old days where everyone and their mama had a WordPress or a Blogspot site, and you’ll easily (and happily) get lost in a treasure trove of comments, discovering new blogs, ways of thinking, and peeking into others’ lives that didn’t seem voyeuristic. No matter how small/niche your blog was, you’d somehow find your tribe, your family of fellow bloggers who took you out of your moral/political/ideological bubble and made you critically think in ways that were more difficult to do offline.

Which leads me to this blog in particular…someone asked me if I was going to continue blogging, because they liked reading my work, and mentioned that something I wrote inspired them to think about traveling solo. If I can be really, really real for a moment — I was surprised that this person read my work, and that it resonated and inspired them. And this isn’t a humblebrag in disguise (because I’ve put in the work with my writing, and will continue to do so), but with all the great content out there, I felt validated and seen. Up to that point, I was contemplating the idea of just letting Sincerely Vonnie live as a place for my mainstream work, or continuing to blog. As a writer, you want to be validated for your work (and who doesn’t?) but it was also a deeper lesson for me to examine why I needed to be validated for my talent to begin with.

I’ve used this platform to write about the things I wanted to write about, in my own voice and way. I’ve also used this platform as a springboard to get mainstream work at bigger outlets, and I’m really grateful and blessed for those opportunities I have to reach a bigger audience. However, I don’t plan on making this space a virtual desert with tumbleweeds rolling out on the horizon, because I still have a lot to say – whether it reaches one person or a million.

There’s also a joy to writing for a more intimate audience who probably care a little less about bylines. I’m keeping this space because I’m holding myself accountable to writing for writing’s sake. To create art not tethered by the feel-good but fleeting allure of money, external validation, or recognition, to have a body of work that’s all my own and can never be taken away from me.


So what to expect from this space? I’ll be the same ol’ V, still sincere, still unapologetic.

some of y’all may not get this reference and that’s cool


Kwasi O Amankona June 23, 2019 at 7:08 pm

Glad to hear you are going to keep this blog ongoing. I look forward to reading your future content 🙂

Vonnie June 28, 2019 at 7:13 am

Thank you Kwasi! :). Looking forward to writing more on here!


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